Blue Flower

Avideh is a seasoned practitioner of manual therapy. A graduate in Kinesitherapy and Osteopathy, she considers people and human health in a holistic manner combining alternative techniques with age-old traditions of various cultures around the world. Using the skills and experience acquired over nearly 20 years of health-care practice and continual training, Avideh will guide each individual patient through the most adequate path to help solve health problems and subsequently achieve the highest possible degree of well-being.

She holds a DO Degree since 2000 ( 5 years program at BELSO, The Belgian School of Osteopathy, Belgium ) and since, she has continued her education in Osteopathy at The British School Of Osteopathy on Osteopathic Approach of Cervical Spine (Courses organized in association by BSO and BELSO). She has also completed a second 5 years program at “Centre de recherche et d'enseignement d'Osteopathie” in France.

Avideh is member of the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners OAO in Canada and serves as the treasurer on the Board of the Directors of the association since May 2017.

When a terminal illness that eventually took Avideh’s mother provided ample albeit painful opportunity to observe how the allopathic approach often fails to involve the patient in the healing process, while the means and methods it uses are not necessarily respectful of human well-being in the longer term, Avideh took the decision to study Osteopathy, explore and develop an Osteopathic practice involving an integral vision of human health considering the body as the starting point for identifying sources of imbalance, reduced well-being or illness.

Touching the body to get a good grasp of symptoms and thereon develop and fine intuition of a person’s emotional state to identify adequate treatment is at the core of her practice. Starting from that core understanding of the most adequate path to health and well-being for a given individual, Avideh will select and apply tools coming from her training and experience of kinesiotherapy, Osteopathy, energy therapy and various traditional medicinal practices.

Ultimately Avideh issues a permanent invitation to each person she guides to use their inner potential and take responsibility for their own long-term well-being.

Although Avideh treats a wide range of pathological disorders but she is also specialized in treating babies, concussions, women health and men health.

She is also a journalist, an artist (graduate in 2D Arts and Animation 2005, The Art Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada), a violinist, and an actress.

Avideh is fluent in English, French and Persian.